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Is Facebook is going to launch a local search service?

Posted on 4/6/2016 by Wendy Hensley, Marketing Manager
Recently Facebook started testing a new service called "Local Search". Local Search allows a visitor to search for businesses near them and see results on a map with detailed information about the business displayed on the search results page.

Facebook hasn't done much to announce this new service yet and in fact has said they don't plan to use this site as an entry point for traffic. Think of it more as a value add to the user already on Facebook.

Although the service isn't ready for rollout just yet, there are some interesting things to keep in mind.

1.  With Facebook thinking along the lines of search, now is a good time to have and to update your practice page on Facebook current with the most complete contact information (phone, address, website, etc.). If Facebook search does materialize, you want to be ahead of the curve by having your page ready.

2.  Facebook reviews might carry more weight in the future. Right now Facebook reviews don't do much to impact your ability to search on the site. However, it remains to be seen whether or not this will change if this new service launches. If Facebook rolls this out as Google and Yelp have, then reviews will carry a lot of weight in the ranking of search results. And, given that most consumers place as much value on an online review as they do word of mouth, it's likely reviews on Facebook will be key in the future.

No one knows for sure whether or not this new service will make it past the testing phase but the implications of the testing of this service means changes might be on the horizon for Facebook.

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