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How to create engaging Facebook video posts

Video is all the rage on Facebook these days. But how can your practice capitalize on the trend?
Posted on 6/21/2016 by Wendy Hensley, Marketing Manager
Dental Videos for Social MediaScrolling through your newsfeed you will see videos of commercials, bloopers, news clips, and more. It's quickly becoming the most consumed type of social media on Facebook and in fact, based on a recent LinkedIn study, in the next two years, videos will make up over 70% of internet traffic.

So how does your practice capitalize on this trend?

Create a video, of course!

But before you pull out your phone and shoot a quick office tour, here are a few things to keep in mind to create the most powerful and engaging videos possible.

Keep it short

Most popular videos are under 2 minutes. In the busy world of social media, viewers have limited time to dedicate to any one piece of content. Therefore, keeping your content short and to the point will get the best interaction.

Create a hook

Also keep in mind that viewers decide within the first 3 - 5 seconds of seeing your video whether or not they are going to turn on the sound or not. Creating a hook that will pull people into your content as well as a well written teaser that tells your viewers what they are going to see will encourage engagement.

Be specific

Know your audience and give them something they will want to watch. Perhaps it's a video highlighting one of your staff members. Don't include more than one staff member. Focus on one per video and do a series over a couple posts. Being specific will help keep the viewer focused and the video short.

Sound optional

85% of Facebook video is played without sound. Since videos are set to auto-play in the newsfeed, it's up to the viewer to choose whether or not to turn the sound on and the majority of viewers don't. You can spend more time on your hook to get them to turn up the sound, add closed captioning so they can read as well as listen, or make sure your video is engaging enough without sound.

Overall the best strategy is to create content that engages your patients, provides them value, and reflects your practice's brand.

If you need help building your online social media strategy and/or creating videos, please contact our practice acceleration consultants. We'd be happy to help guide your practice in the right direction!

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